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I want to home school my child but where do I start?

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                       Congratulations you are one of the lucky few people who have decided to take that chance education into their own hands, but where do you start? Which guidelines or standards are you going to use for teaching your child when homeschooling? For many parents who want to or choose to start homeschooling their children this is a realistic question. I say this because, essentially you are stepping out into the unknown world of education without any support or guidelines for what you are about to start teaching your child. Currently there are no qualifications for teaching to children in the home schooling environment, so parents are sometimes at a loss for a curriculum that meets a college readiness.

                        So this is why I have decided to start the Borderless Teaching Community that delivers to your house to teach your students. Our goal is to help guide parents through the Common Core Standards when creating a learning space within your home for homeschool learning which includes: a community of homeschool parents and certified teachers-that here to help you through an important Time and your child and your life as a parent. It’s important to remember that Early childhood education with in the homeschooling is one of those situations where it is truly” a marathon and not a race”. Many parents start off with the idea that “I want to teach my child myself”, which is great but where do you start and what are you going to teach them everyday? Which is another reason why the lesson plans that are given for a 5 day week schedule Your own pace with your student a very standard.

                          I myself have recently decided to start homeschooling my daughter and as a classroom teacher for me it was obvious to start with lesson plans that I’ve used before. After my many visits to the library for books, I have come across several questions from other librarians and parents about homeschooling. In response to those questions I’ve decided to answer all of those questions in one place. I usually get several questions about what techniques I used in class, what did small groups, common core standards, how to use higher order questioning, and the best outdoor activities/ field trips to facilitate subject lessons.
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In the e-book, 5 Steps to Planning Lessons for your class, like a teacher s the start! I will discuss what the English Learning standards for each subject, Common Core standards and more. It will also show how we can create an atmosphere conducive to a learning atmosphere  at home. Start with the 1st step now and find a book for Your lesson!
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