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Realizing the benefits of homeschooling for a parent

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A Reflection on the reasons that finally pushed me to start building a curriculum for homeschooling all of my children.

On my quest to start homeschooling, I originally only had my 2nd daughter in mind, but now I have realized that my oldest daughter should start the transition also. I previously worked with my oldest daughter at home, before she started elementary school then, less as she continued up the grades. So now I am realizing that my curriculum needs to expand to encompass her grade level as well. I couldn’t believe that I had been blind sided and only thinking about ” the littles” as far as homeschooling, until I received some letters home from school about an “active shooter training” taking place at school.

From previous experience in the classroom, I remembered the horrible thoughts that were going through my mind as we told children to crouch down, get on your knees, put your arms over your heads, and stay quiet. I especially disliked the day that I had to tell Middle Schoolers the importance of staying quiet, so that our noise wouldn’t get us killed. The next blow came from a note stating to parents that due to low enrollment her homeroom teachers would be changed, which is something else that I have experience with as well. My first year teaching in Florida I was transferred to another school also because of low enrollment at my school and high enrollment at another school.

So after realizing that there was a need to expand my lesson planning, I decided to explore other alternatives. I decided to put on my teacher hat and start my needs analysis by considering their interests. Since I have two children that are born under the same sign I realized that they should probably have the same interests and they do! They are both into Science, one into indoor science (Chemistry/Biology) and one into outdoor Science like Earth Science. I understand their interests and as an Instructional Designer I find this very helpful to understand who my clients are and what will engage them. Engagement, afterall that’s really the key to capturing their interests and exploring them daily. So as I design and redesign these lesson plans, lesson planning resources, and other resources know that these resources are made with our children in mind. So join me as I explore new resources such as home Science Kits and Coding kits!

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