Borderless Teaching Community

How do you ever know if you are expert enough to teach your child?

Am I expert enough to homeschool? I asked myself this question because this is the question that every parent must ask themselves before they consider to start to homeschooling their children. I believe that this is something that parents should ask themselves “how good were you as a student?” Maybe some would start with the other question “what does it take to teach?” Then the next obvious question would be did you graduate from college? I ask that question because having a college degree is the pre-requisite, along with paying countless fees to the board of education for whichever state that you apply to teach in for tests. Unfortunately, for most teachers to gain certification or even step into the classroom they have to have a college degree (at least a bachelors degree in the filed of expertise) and money for the tests to prove that they are the qualified. Another good question would be “where are you the best student?” He must think back did you truly enjoy school and did you retain a lot of that information. If you were not the best student, it doesn’t mean that you will not be a good homeschooling parent but what does it mean?

Well what it does mean is that you will need some guidance with your teaching directions and some support, because no one knows everything! Education is not a one player sport! I say that meaning that it’s not something that one can effectively tackle alone without access to resources. As a classroom teacher, I remember not just my first years of teaching, but all throughout my teaching career asking other seasoned teachers about certain techniques or resources. I did this not because I didn’t know what I was doing, but because I was curious about techniques and technology beyond what I knew. I am a believer that parents in the homeschooling atmosphere should have the same advantage of being able to talk to other educators as well.

Let’s face it, homeschooling parents can be at a disadvantage for mastering the craft of teaching, without a community of certified teacherand others who are doing the same.There are no teacher’s lounges for homeschooling parents, professional development opportunities scheduled for them, or any “in-service points” so that they can receive their “points” for the year. So that’s why I have decided to start a Community for homeschooling parents, as well as daycare providers, and others that is designed to be a bridge over the gap between the traditional classroom lesson plans and the homeschooling environment. So that’s why we at the Borderless Teaching community are here for those people that would like to join a community of understanding the important components to starting their children’s education!