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The New Community For Homeschooling Teachers!

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         Welcome to the New Community for Homeschooling Teachers! We’re so glad to have you visit our page today! Our lesson plans are designed to instruct children in small groups. So if you came to this page you are: 

Homeschooling Parent /Caregiver of a child/children

Daycare Providers & Teachers

1st Year teachers of Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade

Early Childhood Education Majors

Tutoring Teachers & Companies

Transient Military Families

Homebound Students

Child Actors with tutorsHomeschool 

           View our page today!


  • Lesson Plans
  • Steps to Lesson Planning-DIY Planning
  • Consulting for Planning-Coaching
  • Home Learning Kit Reviews-Teaching Tools
  • Instructional Articles-Blog
These lessons work best with only your student or small groups to be schooled individually or within a small group setting of peers.
           This program follows the Common Core Standards guidelines in place for all 50 United States. 


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