Borderless Teaching Community

The New Community For Homeschooling Parents!

   Parents if you were looking for a place to start planning your students homeschooling curriculum this is the place!
                 Borderless Teaching Academy is an online community that provides self-paced videos for:
  • Parents/Guardians/Caregivers
  • Transient Military Families
  • Tutoring Teachers
  • Homebound Students

other education professionals

  • Daycare Providers 
  • 1st Year teachers of any grade
  • Early Childhood Education Majors
  • Child Actors with tutorsHomeschool

        The Borderless Teaching Academy provides a space for homeschooling parents to receive some professional development in a space where they can congregate and learn how to create lesson plans for their students. As a member of the community you’ll receive:

Products, such as, the 5 Short Steps to Lesson Planning book, which is a record keeping system that will help you to create a well established portfolio for your students end of the year evaluation. (See under DIY Planning Tab)

Services, that include but aren’t limited to, a bi-weekly conference with certified teachers for planning and answering any questions comments or concerns that you may have individually and other homeschooling parents. (See Under Teaching Tools, Village Learning Co-Op and Class Notes.

As a member of the Borderless Teaching OLC, Online  Learning Community, you will have access to:
  • Print Planning and evaluation certificates of completion
  • Chatting, Messaging, and conferencing with instructors who are available to plan Content for lesson planning
  • Students can take quizzes and surveys on subject content
  • Individual Course Reporting 
  • Progress activity reports
  • Collaborate other community members through chats and forums
  • Purchase additional courses for Professional Development 
      Join our Class Notes below and get a FREE 5 Step Lesson Plan Worksheet!


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